About K+G

My daughter and I are always looking for projects to enrich our lives and our awesome mother and daughter relationship! When my 13-year-old daughter began looking for ways to raise money for college expenses it became clear that I had a future entrepreneur on our hands. Last summer she tried her hand at a bath bomb business, this year she wanted to do something even more fantastic!
One of the things we’ve always been passionate about is helping little girls and young women feel super special, so when Pete + Lucy presented us with the opportunity to do just that...we jumped on board.
Pete and Lucy is unique because each and every single outfit is unique, no two are ever alike. That is a solid guarantee that no one else will be dressed like the special little girl in your life. Offering sizes from 2T to 12 years in different combinations, along with super CUTE accessories in bows and chunky necklaces, each one is also AFFORDABLE. As a girl mom of four Pete and Lucy will be the perfect way to keep our kiddos looking precious on a budget that I can afford.
Kira and I are exceptionally excited about our new endeavor and I hope that you will enjoy browsing through our inventory and sharing it with the other women in your life too, know that when you purchase from a small local business you are helping this sweet teenage girl help pay for her own education, which is no small feat when she has HUGE goals.
Official release and first shipment of our Pete and Lucy clothing will be arriving at the end of April! So hang on tight, share in the excitement, and stay tuned for special giveaways, contests, and discount opportunities.